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Metabolism Reboot

Join our team of doctors for an event designed to help you reboot your body to burn fat, become healthier and create long-lasting, easy to maintain results. Hear from guest speakers Dr. David Schwartz and Dr. Everett Tucker on the following topics:

The 3 critical steps to lose weight safely.

Eliminate diet confusion. Keto, Paleo, Primal + what’s best for YOU.

All the how-to’s of Intermittent Fasting.

What is Tech Neck? How posture affects hormones & weight loss.

Fitness diversity and easy ways to burn fat fast.

Simple detox methods to remove stress and toxins.


Follow Dr. Schwartz’s Metabolism Reboot Plan for 21 Days and achieve:

✓ Revved up metabolism! Expect to shed at least 2-5 pounds per week!

 Dramatically increase your energy levels!

✓ Better quality and restorative sleep!

 Improved digestion by optimizing gut biome! Get rid of bloating, gas and inflammation!

 Decreased pain, inflammation and brain fog! Better focus!


Bonus Perks just for showing up!

Not only do we want you to learn a TON and leave equipped to take charge of your health, we also want you to enjoy your time with us! Check out the bonus perks we have planned for you, just for showing up!

  • Arrive early for essential oil samples that support metabolism
  • Sample hot and savory 100% grass-fed beef and bone broth from Summerfield Farms
  • Taste fresh, flavorful smoothies and take home the recipes!
  • Enter to win door prizes valued at over $400!




Special seating near the stage

Personal copy of Dr. Schwartz’s step-by-step 21-Day Metabolism Reboot Plan

Notes packet that follows the entire seminar

Metabolism boosting essential oil roll-on stick

+ Product & supplement samples

Gift bag & swag

Additional entry into the door prize drawing!

– L I M I T E D  S E A T I N G –


We recommend registering early! Our events sell out quickly. Reserve your seat by clicking the green REGISTER button at the upper right.

Time: 6-8pm
Date: Thursday, January 9